Uncommon, Rare, Special Names for a Baby

Achina: (f) (Chuukese) "good"

Adai: (m) (Chamoru) "friend"

Adao: (m) (Old Chamoru) "the Sun"

Allulah (f) (Arabic) "the first" or (Chamoru) "hurry!"

Amiya: (f) (Sanskrit) "nectar, delightful" or "boundless"

Arian (m) (Welsh) "silver"

Asha: (f) (Sanskrit) "wish, hope, desire"

Bida: (f) (Malay) "palace maiden, fairy, beautiful woman"

Blade: (m) (English) "a sharp edge, a sword"

Brittain: (m) (English) "a Breton, someone from Britain"

Brogan: (f) (Irish) "little shoe"

Bryer: (m) (Middle English) "from the briar patch"

Brylea: (f) (Polish-Germanic) "from the water meadow"

Cabell: (m) (Anglo-Norman French) "rope-maker"

Caelan (m) (Scots Gaelic) "young warrior"

Callum (m) (Scots Gaelic form of Columbus) "dove"

Cydee: (f) (Greek) "to exult, to result"

Dainagon: (m) (Japanese) "the greatest collection of words"

Damayanti: (f) (Sanskrit) "radiant beauty"

Dash: (m) (English) "a short, quick run; a flashy style"

Delen: (f) (Cornish) "petal"

Eben: (m) (Hebrew) "stone"

Eithne: (f) (Irish Gaelic) "kernal"

Eunae: (f) (Korean) "kindness and love"

Essex: (m) (Old English) "East Saxons," a place name in England.

Faracy: (f) (Aramaic) "a Pharisee, one who is set apart"

Farida: (f) (Arabic) "unique"

Falthin: (m) (Yapese) "good word"

Florenzo: (m) (Hispanic-Latin) "blossoming, flourishing," a form of Florencio.

Galina: (f) (Russian) "calm of the sea" or "chicken"

Garreth: (m) a Welsh name of uncertain origin, perhaps meaning "gentle."

Ha'ani: (f) (Chamoru) "day"

Hakan: (m) (Old Norse) "descendant of the horse or high one"

Harmonn: (f) (Germanic) "army man"

Heaven (f) (English) "sky, paradise, home of God"

Hoa: (f) (Vietnamese) "flower"

Ilima: (f) (Hawaiian) name of a yellowish-orange flower.

Inkem: (m) (Osage) "red rabbit"

Ireri: (f) (Mexican) name of a Mexican Tarascan princess, meaning unknown.

Isa: (f) (Chamoru) "rainbow" and (Tagalog) "one" and (Germanic) "ice"

Jacaranda: (f) (Spanish) the name of a tree with purple flowers

Japheth: (m) (Hebrew) "extended, expanded" or "fair"

Javid: (m) (Persian) "eternal, immortal, perpetual"

Jerrine: (f) (Germanic) "spear power," an abbreviated form of Geraldine

Jonavan: (m) a blend of Jonathan and Donovan

Jonzelle: (m) African-American elaborated form of John, (Hebrew) "grace of God."

Kalah: (f) (Sanskrit) "art" or (Hawaiian) "the sunshine," forms of Kala; or (Hebrew) "who is like God?", a form of Kayla

Karavi: (m) (Fijian) "poling a boat through mangroves"

Kayani: (f) (Persian) "royal"

Keala: (f) (Hawaiian) "the pathway"

Keishin: (Japanese) "wise truth, wise mind, wise command, growing wisdom"

Kerah: (f) (Hebrew) "provision"

Keveronique: (f) African-American-French form of Veronica, which is a Latin form of Berenice, "bringer of victory."

Khalil: (m) (Arabic) "best friend, companion"

Kiernan: (m) (Irish) "son of the master," a short form of the surname McKiernan.

Kincaid: (f) (Irish Gaelic) "from the highest pass"

Kiya: (f) (Egyptian) nickname of the Mittanian princess, Tadukhippa, "beloved of Khippa."

Laban: (m) (Hebrew) "white"

Langidrik: (m) (Marshallese) "small storm"

Leda: (f) (Lycian) "lady"

Lewin: (Old English) "dear friend"

Madrigal (f) (Latin) "love song, love poem"

Malachi: (m) (Hebrew) "my angel"

Malem: (m) (Kosraean) "moon"

Mandalay: (f) the name of a city in Burma, made famous in the West by the Kipling poem.

Mashequila: (f) African-American feminine form of the Arabic name Shakil, meaning "handsome, well-formed"

Mei-Ling: (f) (Chinese) "beautiful bell"

Menuha: (f) (Hebrew) "peace, calm, tranquility"

Nairn: (m) (Scots Gaelic) ancient name of a river

Nami: (f) (Japanese) "wave"

Nefertiti: (f) (Egyptian) "the beautiful one has come"

Odilia: (f) (Germanic) "wealthy"

Oldak: (m) (Palauan) "unifying"

Peregrin: (m) (English) "stranger, traveler"

Phoenix: (m & f) (English-Greek) "mythological bird that is reborn from its own ashes, a symbol of immortality"

Piero: (m) (Italian-Greek) "stone," Italian form of Peter.

Pike: (m) (Germanic) "sharp, pointed"

Pogisa: (f) (Samoan) "dark"

Quaintance: (f) (Modern American) name derived from "quaint" or "acquaintance."

Quest: (m) (English) "a journey in search of adventure or treasure"

Quillon: (m) (Latin) "sword hilt"

Rangi: (f) (Maori) "sky"

Redrick: (m) (Germanic) "counsel power"

Rombert: (m) (Dutch) "fame-bright" or "Rome-bright" or "raven-bright" or "counsel-bright"

Rustam: (m) (Persian) "strong, brave, bold, a hero"

Sagan (f & m) (Polish) "kettle"

Sage: (f) (English) "a wise person"

Salathiel: (m) (Hebrew) "I have asked him of God"

Sanjay: (m) (Sanskrit) "triumphant, conquering, victorious"

Serenade: (f) (English) "evening music"

Shabnam: (f) (Persian) "dew"

Sopan: (m) (Indonesian) "reverent, respectful, polite"

Storm (m & f) (English) "storm, rough weather, of a passionate temperament"

Talasi: (f) (Hopi) "corn tassel flower"

Talfryn: (m) (Welsh) "from the high end of the hill"

Tana: (f) (Chuukese) "dream of" and (Chamoru) "land" and (Russian) a diminutive of Tatiana, meaning unknown.

Tano: (m) (Chamoru) "land"

Tau: (m) (Tswana) "lion"

Tejini: (Sanskrit) "splendor, power, wisdom"

Ulrike: (f) (Danish) "wealth and power"

Usman: (m) (Turkish-Arabic) "a bustard chick"

Vadra (f) meaning unknown, from the song Velvet Morning performed by Nancy Sinatra

VendelĂ­n: (m) (Czech-Old German) "a Wend," name of a Slavonic tribe.

Viveca: (f) (Swedish-Germanic) "war"

Warlita: (f) (Filipino-English) "born during World War II"

Wayan: (m & f) (Balinese) "first born child"

Xanthe: (f) (Greek) "yellow"

Xuyen: (m) (Vietnamese) "river, bracelet"

Yoana: (f) (Pohnpeian-Hebrew) "grace of God," Pohnpeian form of Joanna.

Yorath: (m) (Anglo-Welsh) "handsome lord"

Zalika: (f) (Swahili) "noble, well-born"

Zoltan: (m) (Hungarian-Turkish) "sultan"